Wine not?



Next month, Ciscoe’s will be hosting an event alongside Journey’s End Wines and Bibendum wines to showcase some wonderful South African wines which will be paired with some of our signature dishes.

Journey’s End Estate is a boutique winery and vineyard based in the Stellenbosch region of South Africa. In 1995, the Gabb family, who w
ere originally from Shropshire, purchased the farm and since then have invested heavily in both the vineyard and winery. Benefitting from  sea-facing slopes and costal breezes, this vineyard offers some wonderfully exclusive wines which are hand crafted with love. They use french oak to add complexity and elegance to the wines.

On the 12th May, one of Journey’s End’s vineyards own will be joining us at the restaurant for an event not to be missed. He has hand selected the wines, which will be paired selectively with items from the menu as well as,  some of Cisco’s creative flare and freestyling.

Ciscoes 0211_2

This will not only be a great evening of fantastic wine and food, but we are hoping you’ll take something else away from it as well. Pairing wines with food can be confusing, but it is also incredibly important to understand how flavours in wines can compliment certain foods.

We are really excited to host this evening, and it is definitely an event that should not be missed!

Advanced tickets only, so hurry up before they sell out!



Norfolk’s Finest

At Ciscoe’s, we  pride ourselves in sourcing most of our ingredients locally or knowing exactly where they come form. Not only is this important for our local economy and giving back to the local farmers and fishermen, but we are so lucky to live in an area which has some of the freshest and most incredible sources in the UK.

Ciscoes 0192_2
Beef Korean Noodle Soup

Our beef and pork supplier, DJ Barnards is based in South Norfolk, in Shropham ( Barnard provides the highest quality cattle which graze on herb-rich local pastures which allows for the meat to be tasty and moist.It is a small family run business who am in Breckland, and they not only rear the animals but manage the butchery and deliveries. DJ Barnard is a close friend of Ian’s and Cisco loves cooking with the high quality meat which you can taste in dishes such as the Sticky Belly Pork or the steaks!

Our Lobster is locally fished in Norfolk which is one of the best places in the UK for fresh lobsters. Although availability depending on seasons, our supplier usually lands catches on a daily basis. Fancy something different and adventurous? Next time you are sat at the sushi counter, ask Cisco about his Lobster sashimi!

Ciscoes 0154_2
Crispy Seafood Noodles

Although we can’t source our Salmon from the beautiful Norfolk shores, we do however source our salmon direct from Scotland where it is farmed by hand, sustainable fed in non-antibiotic conditions. The farm (Wester Ross) follows RSPCA Freedom Food Standards with 1% fish to 99% water, this allows for plenty of space for the fish to grow. Instead of using chemicals to keep the fish pens clean, the nets are cleaned by wind and rain and dried in the sun. Cisco loves receiving the whole salmon on delivery days and carefully filleting it, which is worthy of such lengthy and careful preparation.

Our Tuna suppliers, Tuna King, import from responsible and ethical fishermen from all over the world. Each catch carries a unique identification that enables full traceability from the end customer back to the boat. Tuna King only buys directly from fishing boats, not through markets, so not only does it help the local economy of the fisherman’s origin, but allows for a direct relationship. They take great pride in their standards which they work to, and have the only fishing boats accredited outside UK with the Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS) for tuna boats. At Ciscoe’s, we served two types of Tuna; tuna and yellow tail tuna or hamachi.  Ask Cisco to explain the difference!Ciscoes 0116_2

When it comes to our fish, Cisco will only use the best. At no point do we substitute from other markets, or sources. If its not available, there is always something else to offer! Next time you come into the restaurant and are told there are storms in the Philippines so we have no tuna, it is true! We would rather serve the best and freshest fish, and if its not available, we will guide you to try something else!

Fresh and local ingredients are important to us at Ciscoe’s, as we believe that with quality of great ingredients comes quality of great food.

Ciscoe’s Story

Ever wondered how Ciscoe’s Pan Asian wriggled its way into the food and drink hubbub of Norwich city centre?

Well here is how!

Ian and Ciscoe met at Shiki Norwich where Cisco was a head chef. Cisco started working at Shiki in 2004, with a impressive CV from jobs all over the world. From the very early days of Shiki, their relationship developed as Ian found a love for his sushi and Japanese cuisine. Ian was a regular and frequent customer and developed a good relationship with Ciscoe. In Ciscoe’s time off, he started organising private parties for Ian and his guests. The parties became popular, which became an annual event, with different themes, this further strengthened the relationship.

Over the years Ian and Cisco developed a great friendship where they bonded over exquisite  cuisines, passion and overall, a dream to have a restaurant.

After many months, they both discovered they had similar dreams. Ciscoe’s dream was to have his own restaurant with his own name on it. Ian had a similar dream but this had had to be put for bed for various reasons. After some sake and some sushi, it was then agreed to open Ciscoe’s Pan Asian.

The next step of the journey, was creating a business plan, finding premises; a mixture of highs and lows. After almost two years, they came across what is now Ciscoe’s, on Ber’s Street which was previously an old pub, The Thorn, and it saw an amazing transformation over a 7 week period, full redecoration, walls knocked down. Huge amount of team work, blood, sweat and tears, Ciscoe’s was born.

With Ciscoe’s opening in Norwich July 2014, diners are able to experience and enjoy gourmet cuisines from all over Asia, which are all cooked in the healthiest of ways ; the finest, freshest and healthiest of ingredients are used.The restaurant caters to the likes, and needs of the customer and if there is something you love, Ciscoe’s can do it! Ciscoe’s love and passion for food and nutrition is presented as an art form on the plate. And it is delivered in the plates of food that Cisco produces.